Send Us Your Can To Have Personalized

Have an Antique Can laying around

              and would like to have it

                 Professionally Reconditioned, Personalized

and finished to last a life time.

Sell Us your antique Milk Cans

We are always in the market for purchasing antique Milk Cans. The price you could get for your can depends on a number of things such as condition, size, style, if it has lid, location, price, ect. We would be glad to take a look at your antique can or cans and see if it would be a fit for us. Please remember these Milk cans are the cans we recondition and personalize so we will not purchase Milk Cans that are extremely damaged and or rotting away. To find out if your antique cans would work for us please send clear recent photos along with detailed description of the cans condition to and we will review your information and let you know what we determine.

For A Limited

                 Time Only

Receive $45.00 off

your milk can

This is how it works.

                Send us a nice digital photo of your can in a room setting,

                                                                           a photo of you next to your can,

                                                                                          and write a brief positive review.

That's it, if you purchase a can and send us those three things we will rebate you back $45 from your original purchase price.

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