Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the Milk Cans?

These types of milk cans were in use from the early 1900's to around the 1940's when tanker trucks were starting to be introduced. Earlier cans were riveted and the later cans were welded. We do not date the cans but they are all from this time period.

Why are some cans prices different?

We base our pricing upon the condition, style, lid or no lid and style of lid, the material of the can, if the can has a tag, how much we had to pay for the can and how far we had to travel. We then factor in the time for reconditioning, design, application and finishing. There are also several finishing options or upgrades that can change the pricing.

What if I want something on the can from Google Images?

Most images found on Google images are copyright protected. Also most images on Google images are small size meaning only a couple of inches by a couple of inches and very low resolution. Even if you find an image that is not copyright protected when we scale it to size to fit the can it would look really bad when printed. If you do not have high quality digital images, like from your digital camera, we use There you can find almost anything royalty free and high quality. If you would not like to set up an account with them just find what you are looking for wright down the image ID and we can purchase it from our account for you and just add it to your bill.

How long will my Milk Can last and will it get rusty?

If you take proper care of your can it should not rust, it should last for years. All of our cans are finished with an automotive clear coat. If the can is keep in doors you should never have any issues and it should last for ever. If the can is out doors think of it as a car body, if you are in the north and it is getting exposed to snow try to keep salt away from the can as we know salt on metal promotes rust. If you are in the south and the can is out doors then years of sun exposure could start to cause some fading.

How much does my Milk Can weigh?

We list the weight of all the cans in the can specs. for you to see before purchasing your can. It depends on the size like 5 or 10 gallon, material like metal, stainless or aluminum. But they range anywhere from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs.

What if you are out of Milk Cans & I want to buy one?

Getting your milk can is based on availability. If we are out of cans it could be weeks or months before we are able to find and purchase more cans. So if you really want a can and we have some available we do suggest purchasing one while we have them.

Can I fill the Milk Can with Milk?

We do not state it is okay or endorse filling your can with milk, as we do recondition them we do NOT sterilize them. We also do not recommend filling it with any other liquids. Some of the cans may not even hold liquids because there may be pin holes you can't see. If you plan on using it for a vase we recommend placing a water tight container inside to hold the liquid not the can it self.

Will you make me a can with my favorite sports team?

No if the team is a professional team there logos and images are most likely copyrighted. We will not reproduce any work that is copyrighted or trademarked with out express written consent from the copyright or trademark holder.

What if it says the lid is not removable?

When we take our initial specs. and photos, we do try to remove the lids. If they do not remove we mark them as not removable. During the reconditioning process before going into finishing we give it our best effort to try to make it removable even if it is mark not removable. If we are able to break it loose you would have a removable lid, but sometime they are just stuck on there forever.

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