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Looking for that perfect Gift?

We understand it can be difficult finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. You want to find them something different, something they will enjoy, and something they don't have. There are so many occasions. There is Mothers-day and Fathers-day, there's Birthdays, anniversary and wedding presents, graduations and of course there is Christmas and an other special occasions in-between. We know that when you give someone a gift there is that excitement you get when there are opening it. You are anxious as they are taring back the paper, thoughts going through your head I hope they are going to like, no there going to love it, you think to yourself. You almost couldn't wait this long to give it to them. Truly you wanted them to open it yesterday or a week ago. The suspense it killing you, more than it is killing them. Trust us we know! That is why we are so proud of what we do. We take great pleasure in giving you that special feeling of knowing that your special someone is going to down right love your gift. Giving you that special feeling of excitement in giving.

How can I give this as a Gift?

There are a few ways you can give a custom Milk Can from as a gift.


The first is if you have a good idea of what your special someone would enjoy and even better yet if you have access to some high quality digital photos you are planning to incorporate into the design of there Milk Can. Maybe it is for your wife and you have a recent family photo you know that she could cherish and use in the entryway decor as a large vase with sticks bringing a more modern accent to the room. Or maybe it would be for your husband and you can grab a photo from his computer of him next to that large buck he just got this year and you know he would love that photo on a milk can in his hunting den or man cave. We can work with you to determine and create a great style for that special someone.


The next way to give a can as a gift is if it is for someone you know would absolutely love the custom Milk can but you just aren't sure what they would want to do on it. Maybe they have so many interest you aren't sure which they would like to express. Or maybe you don't have access to photos they would prefer. If this is the case you can order the Milk Can, you would choose from available cans and we will set it aside on reserve for you. We will send you a nice certificate you can present. Once they have received the certificate they can contact us and we can take the lead in designing and finishing the can with them.


This is often how people give a can as a wedding gift. This gives the bride & groom the ability to use some of there wedding and honeymoon photos on the can.

The coolest

new wedding


Brides, Grooms & wedding guests

                from all over the country are raving

                                       a personalized wedding can

                                                         is one of the coolest wedding gifts

                                                                                      you can give or receive.

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