About Us & How We Started

Located in the Milk Capital of the World Milkcanwraps.com is the only

place to get your very own personalized authentic milk can that will last a

lifetime. Harvard Illinois is the milk capital of the world, featuring Harmilda

a cow at the main intersection down town. You may have stopped to take a photo

with her if you have ever passed through town or had the pleasure of visiting for one

of the longest continuously running festivals in the state, Milk Day. Milk Day is a week long

festival the 1st weekend in June every year. The town host a carnival, amazing parade, tons of

activities throughout the week such as King and Queen, big-wheel races, bed races and much more

all to pay tribute to the towns beginnings.


In 2014 Jon's Uncle Norbert who was a longtime Harvard Rotary Member came up with an idea after seeing some of Jon's work. Jon runs a small design business doing graphic design, vehicle wraps and screen printing. Norbert had came up with and presented Jon with an opportunity to wrap several milk cans for the Rotary to raffle off. The cans were a big hit and the business has blossomed from here.


When Jon was 11 years old his art was chosen to be the official Milk Day poster for the year 1993. Jon has always been very creative and with his background in graphic design combined with his expertise in high end vehicle wraps and wide availability of old milk cans in the area, it was only inevitable a new website dedicated to the milk cans would be born. Jon says that when they are finished the results are amazing and it's really about getting the concept out there. We travel the states in search of old authentic milk cans that are in need of restoration and a good home.

How the Reconditioning & Finishing Process Works

Getting your milk can is based on availability. If we are out of cans it could be weeks or months before we are able to find and purchase more cans. So if you really want a can and we have some available we do suggest purchasing one while they are available.


The process begins with finding the cans and when we do they are almost always in very rough shape. Regardless of it has been freshly painted or filled with rust we start by reconditioning all the cans inside and out. This way we are curtain in going through the finishing process all of are cans are created equally durable. We don't just trust a cheep or poor quality paint job someone has put on a can before we have purchased it from them, even if they look good. The next step is stripping the cans, we get them down to fresh bare metal. Next the cans are powder coated to give them a lasting great looking finish. Our standard can color is a silver metal looking finish, we do offer some other standard color options, or when you purchase your can you do have an option to upgrade to a custom can color. Now is the fun part.... the design of course! This is what makes your can unique to you and completely transforms the can. We work with you over the phone and or through email or if you are near the area you are more than welcome to come into the office and go over design right on the screen with us. We gather your ideas and an understanding of your vision to put together a finished product that will knock you socks off. We will send digital proofs and tweak it until we get your approval before proceeding. Keep in-mind the proofs are a flat 1 dimensional proof. Once the art is applied to the 3 dimensional can it completely takes on a whole new look and feel. When the design is complete the graphics are printed any contour cutting is done, then the graphics are professionally installed. After the graphic installation is complete the can is clear coated with a high quality automotive finish ensuring a long lasting finish that can last for generations. Your can is then ready to be picked up or carefully packaged and shipped out via Fed Ex. The only thing left form here if you haven't already, is finding that perfect spot to proudly display your custom Milk can.

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